Wherever You Go, Come Back To Me Keychain

Stickers are an excellent promotional tool. There are a number of ways you can incorporate stickers for business success. Brand your company’s products, build customer loyalty and advertise to a wider audience with custom business stickers.

Business logo stickers are portable advertisements. By attaching your logo to all of your retail products and mailings, you create brand recognition and build consumer interest. Take a look at your computer- it’s a good bet that there are several stickers on it. The Chiquita banana is another good example of sticker branding- it’s so commonplace you don’t really notice it, but you can clearly picture it in your mind. The word banana may even evoke an image of the classic blue and yellow logo. Brand your own products with eye-catching logo stickers to make your company stick in consumers’ minds. acrylic keychain

Personalized business stickers are also a great way to build customer loyalty. Hand out free, fun stickers to kids. Try sending out subtly-branded address labels with mailings. Give customers value-added stickers such as conversion charts, calendars or dated reminders. Be sure your logo or tagline is included, but not intrusive. Consumers are sensitive to overly obvious advertising. Give them a good reason to display the stickers. Usefulness, attractiveness and humor are all appealing to customers. Sporting goods companies, car repair shops and many other businesses have used stickers to build strong customer relations. A few obvious examples are Dutch Bros., with their car window stickers, Deathwish’s awesome skateboard stickers, and Oilstop’s oil change reminder stickers.

Save money on advertising by handing out custom stickers to distributors and retail outlets. Include a bumper sticker with every online order. Fun, witty, or unique stickers will encourage people to want to advertise their relationship to your company. Give stickers to employees to place on their cars, bikes, laptops and other items. Your brand travels with them, being seen and inviting interest. You can also use stickers for business “tagging,” placing them in conspicuous public places like restroom stalls, utility poles, and other places your desired customers are likely to be. Many companies, such as Gillette, Folgers and Greenpeace have had great success with this type of underground “Guerilla Sticker” campaign. Promoting a sponsored charity or cause with business logo stickers is another popular way to build brand recognition. Incorporating custom business stickers into your marketing efforts is a fun, creative way to brand your products, encourage customers to return, and get your company noticed.

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