Top Car Cleaning Tips for Chauffeurs & Mini Cabs

For mini cab and chauffeur drivers the appearance of your car is very important. The below top car cleaning tips will help you keep your car immaculately clean and your customers happy.

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is to not clean your car on a hot sunny day or in direct sunlight because it will smear when the water dries. When you dry the car use small circles as opposed to a side to side or up and down motion to avoid streaks.

Never rub sponges or cloths over dry bodywork they can scratch the paint work. For a better result use a lamb’s wool wash mitt instead of a sponge.

Before you start to clean the car use a jet hose or a hose with a jet attachment to loosen and remove some of the dirt this will give the car a better finish.

Never use home cleaning products for your car as they can damage the paint work. Always use proper car cleaning shampoos and cleaners this is particularly important for alloy wheels.

For alloy wheels also avoid acidic, high alkaline and silicone based wheel cleaning products because they stain.

Lava the car from the roof down using warm soapy water and make sure you clean every part carefully leaving the bumbers until last. Bil rengøring

Next rinse the vehicle thoroughly from the roof down. Make sure all the soap has gone.

Once you have cleaned and rinsed the car you should apply a paint protection product, you can buy these from garages or petrol stations and they help to maintain and protect the colour of your car.

If you drop a cloth or sponge on the floor don’t use it again. The reason being is that even if it looks clean it could still contain bits of dirt that could scratch the paint work.

When cleaning the interior avoid using a hard nozzle against plastic or leather as you can leave permanent marks. Instead use a soft paint brush to dust towards the vacuum cleaner.

For tricky ventilation outlets on the interior of the car put them on full blast and hold the vacuum nozzle against them to take dust away. To finish them off you can use a soft paint brush to get all the difficult bits.

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