How Raw Foods Can Help With Weight Loss

Raw foods, also known as living foods, can help with weight loss by providing the body with lots of essential nutrients without the calories. They can also help to eliminate toxins from the digestive tract, as well from the rest of the body, thus allowing the body to lose the excess weight easier. Excess weight is also due to an acidic environment in the body. Raw foods help to restore a healthy balance between the acid and alkaline levels, so that the weight loss process can begin with more ease.

Raw foods might not sound like the tastiest foods on the planet, especially to those who have been raised on a conventional diet. But once one is weaned off of the processed foods, and the taste buds have come back to life, then raw foods are just as tasty. In fact, once raw foods are a main part of the diet, sweets and other junk foods begin to taste stale and foreign.

There are many raw food recipes that mimic the recipes on the conventional diet. It is essential to experiment with them to find out what one likes, and what one doesn’t like. Having these foods readily available in the house can help in times when the cravings for conventional foods begin.

With raw and living foods, there is no need to count calories, as the foods are low in calories, yet high in vital nutrients. The body does not crave calories, but rather it craves nutrients, and once they are restored in the body, the hunger and cravings disappear. Avocados, coconuts and nuts and seeds are some of the best foods to fill the body to ward off those food cravings.

Another benefit of raw foods is that they are high in fiber, which eliminates buildup and toxins from the body. Thus the metabolism is increased, which leaves the individual with more energy for exercise and other fat-burning activities. This benefit also helps to ward of the nasty food cravings that prevent one from losing weight. russian food store

Furthermore, living foods contribute to a healthy pH balance in the body, which is necessary for being able to lose excess weight. Some raw foods such as oranges, lemons and tomatoes may seem to have an acidic effect on the body. But once they are processed by the body, they also contribute to an alkaline environment. An acidic environment not only contributes to excess weight, but it can also contribute to many other diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

How To Consume The Living Foods

In order to obtain the maximum benefits of the foods is to consume them on a healthy diet. This means that you should avoid all saturated fats such as red meat, chicken, pork and other fatty meats. Dairy and dairy products, eggs and processed foods can also interfere with the effectiveness of the living foods.

A quick meal idea is to make a large leafy green salad, with an avocado dressing. The dressing is made simply by mashing an avocado, and then mixing it with lemon juice and a bit of sea salt. Another simple dressing to make is to mix olive oil with lemon juice and sea salt. For a variation of these you can add just about any kind of spice, herb or vinegar for extra flavors.

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