General Tips And Advice When Renting Cars Both Domestically And Abroad

There are many things to consider when you want to rent a car. Firstly you need to consider are you of age? by that we mean for the majority of car rental suppliers require a minimum age of 25, however 21 is available in some cases (although this can add a premium to the rental cost), next you need to consider the type of vehicle required, now for this there are usually several different groups of vehicle available and choosing the one most adequate for your needs can certainly avoid any problems that may arise afterwards. rent a car bur dubai

The location of your pick up is also very important especially as many of us are under the belief that pick up from an airport is always more expensive when in actual fact this is not always the case as for the most part, airports have usually a larger supply of vehicles than most other off-airport locations do, hence a lower premium can be achieved if you book your rental in advance. Remember that one-way drop offs can and usually do incur a ‘one-way drop off fee’, so please be aware of this.

Next you need to consider the duration of your rental, this is important because if you book for two or three days at a time it can work out more expensive than just booking a full week, so be prepared to check multiple price quotes, and don’t be afraid to experiment if needed with different pick up and drop off areas and car groups.

As for ‘Extras’ like child booster seats, GPS, etc, it is always better to provide these yourself if possible as most car rental companies can charge hefty fees for these, so if at all possible always try to provide your own.

Next the fuel, again this is important to remember and always checking the fuel conditions BEFORE you collect your rental is a good idea, also be prepared to photograph your rental car before collection and have the rental clerk verify that any damage is signed off both before and upon return of your rental.

Another thing to consider is the road traffic laws in the country of your rental, are you familiar with the laws? if yes great, if not, just get a brief overview from the rental clerk, and ask for a map of the area if needed. Another tip is to go over the insurance info before collection of the vehicle, this helps as it lets you know any responsibility that you may have in the event of any accident or issue taking place.

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